Friday, September 9, 2016

The Bob

bob cut or bob is a short haircut for women (and occasionally men) in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe (or "bangs") at the front.The bob cut gained popularity amongst the most fashion forward and advanced women during the 1920s in the pre-war times.Later in the 1960s Vidal Sassoon revived it by giving it a new angle and making it more stylish with a lot of celebs of the 60s sporting the bob cut.The 2000s has again saw the coming back of the bob cut or lob in its various avatars making it very popular with celebrities and further being adopted by fashion forward women. Here are a few variations of the bob and the lob:
  • The Variations in the Bob

  • The Lob

The Lob is a longer version of the Bob. 

So what are you waiting for?! Try these hot new hairstyles to give yourself an ultra glam look.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Boho Chic

Always loved the hippies ' 70's style fashion or what you call these days Boho chic or Bohemian chic. There are several ways to describe this style of fashion or clothing or lifestyle-Style of the unconventional person, a person who doesn't follow the rules. Includes the way the gypsies or the nomads would dress-up with a relaxed and casual element to it. Its very retro, reminding us of the 70's flower child movement or style. This look, owed much to the hippie styles that developed in the middle to late 1960s, became especially popular in this century after Sienna Miller's appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004, 
By the spring of 2005, boho was almost ubiquitous in parts of London and was invading stores in almost every British high street.Its adherents were sometimes referred to as "Siennas", this eponym even being applied to Miller herself: "Sienna's Sienna-ishness", as Jessica Brinton put it in the Sunday Times in 2007.Features included "floaty" skirts (notably long white ones), furry gilets, embroidered tunics, cropped jackets, large faux-coin belts, sheepskin (UGG) boots and cowboy boots, baggy cardigans and "hobo bags". Demand was so great that there were allegations the following year of some sub-contractors' having used cheap child labour in India for zari embroidery and beading.
Since then it has progressed a lot and increasingly seeped into our wardrobes, what with style icons like-Janis Joplin, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie,Vanessa Hudgens, Alexa Chung and the Olsen Twins making a statement with this style of clothing.

The Coachella Arts and Music festival in California, USA is a place where bohemian style of clothing is seen in full swing and it is now popularly termed as festival or coachella fashion. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid and a whole range of other celebrities flaunt boho style of clothing at the festival.

I am a big fan of Free People clothing as their clothes are a true representation of bohemian style of clothing. There are also a lot of brands which are selling a whole range of boho chic clothing.
Boho Blouse with flared jeans, tasseled bag,

A Kimono with denim shorts-Kimono is a very popular trend this season

Fisico Spring-Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear
A Boho Style front slit dress with silver jewellery and Bandana

Some of the looks include-Crochet cropped tops,skirts, kimonos, tassels, boots, gladiators, flared pants, off shoulder dresses fringes, gypsy style skirts and maxi dresses. People literally go wild in showcasing their bohemian side during this festival.

Boho style includes a lot of use of Indian prints, moroccan prints, embroideries from India, Mexico and Morocco, floral embroideries, gypsy, african embroideries and prints, silver jewellery, chunky jewellery, feathers and plaited and wavy hair, boots, tie-on sandals, gladiators, tassels and headbands, bandanas, maxi style dresses, kaftans, crochet, ponchos, kimonos, billowy tops with flared sleeves, distressed denims, flowy short dresses, ties, flared jeans and pants, slouchy pants, printed pants. gypsy skirts, maxi skirts, printed rompers, harem pants, ruched and smoked blouses, scalloped skirts and blouses, peasant style blouses, beaded blouses and dresses.

Below are a few pics representing bohemian style:

Boho style: Tribal print tassel kimono + panama hat + reflective sunglasses + tribal cuff:

In India the bohemian or hippy look was adopted by a segment since the advent of the hippies in Goa and the 70's style evolution. Since then it has gathered further momentum in the past few years with indigenous brands like Anokhi, Fab India, People Tree, Global Desi, designers like Malani Ramani, Manish Arora, Nida Mahmood and Anita Dongre. These brands have incorporated indian embroideries and prints in a mishmash of western and indian silhouettes to create a beautiful, uniquely Indian bohemian look which is being lapped up the world over.


There will be a following article on the Indian Bohemian look.