Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Something Unique in Shoes

SimpleSizzl is a website helping out indigenous designers. I have a fetish for shoes and I came across a collection by Al Artz which amazing unique and very funky. They are made up of non-chip leather and hand painted.
These shoes can be paired with denims, skirts and shorts.. Not for the faint hearted. The outfit should not be too busy but has to be a little plain and solid to compliment these shoes...

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Pangong Tso Lake

The Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most visited lakes of Ladakh.  Ever changing hues of the lake mesmerizes. Situated at a height of about 13,900 ft, the name Pangong is a derivative of the Tibetan word Banggong Co meaning "long, narrow, enchanted lake". One third of the lake is in India while the remaining two thirds lies in Tibet, which is controlled by China. Majority of the streams which fill the lake are located on the Tibetan side.
Pangong Tso is about five hours drive from Leh in Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. The route passes through beautiful Ladakh countryside, over Chang La, the third highest motorable mountain pass (5289 m) in the world.
The first glimpse of the serene, bright blue waters and rocky lakeshore remains etched in the memory of tourists. There is a narrow ramp-like formation of land running into the lake which is also a favourite with tourists.
The salt water lake does not support vegetation or aquatic life except for some small crustaceans. However, there are lots of water birds. The lake acts as an important breeding ground for a large variety of migratory birds like Brahmani Ducks, Rare black necked cranes and Seagulls. One can also spot Ladakhi Marmots, the rodent-like creatures which can grow up to the size of a small dog. 
We stayed at one of the Camps, called Camp Shambala. There are several camps on the shores of the Pangong Tso lake 
I couldn't resist taking several pictures of the Lake as it is so magnificent and mesmerizingly beautiful both in the evening and early morning!

 The Entry point to the Pangong Tso Lake

 A View from the Camp's Living area
 Our Camp-The Camp Shambala

The Aquatic Birds

The Pangong Tso Lake

The Clouds, mountains and the Lake

Sunrise at the Pangong Tso Lake

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Camps at the Pangong Tso Lake

Reflection on the Pangong Tso Lake

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Road Tripping to Rohtang Pass and Keylong

Our Journey started from Manali via Rohtang towards Lahaul Valley and ended at Keylong. My first real and independent trip with my cousin and her friend. 3 gals, a driver and a Chevrolet Spark car.
The Rohtang Pass
The Corn Kernels
Bikers on the Road-A regular sight on Rohtang

Flying high at Rohtang

The Rohtang Pass is a tricky place owing to constant landslides leading to jams for almost  4 hours. Not much is available if you are hungry. All you can have are corn kernels, which are by the way, Yummy! We set out early in the morning. Loads of  SCENIC sights to devour on the road leading to the Rohtang Pass. After crossing the tricky road/pass we reached Rohtang and had really tasty Maggie and tea from Negiji's khopcha or tent. A lovely guy who was extremely sweet to us. The Maggie at such a great height and in cold conditions, seemed to be best thing to have in the World at that point of time.


Shashur Monastry

Keylong Valley
A Monastery at Keylong

Women in Traditional Gear from Lahaul

From then on,  the Terrain became extremely gorgeous, the kind I had never seen before...Greenery mingled with harsh, barren mountains and rocks with snow capped mountain peaks... gushing waterfalls...Monastries at some nook and corner, steep climbs, rugged yet beautiful in its own unique way..One can stay at the Tashi Deleg Hotel from where a beautiful view is guaranteed..Most mobile networks do not work here except for BSNL. You can spend the evening by the Bhaga river or by exploring the small marketplace....If peace and calm is what you are looking for with an unhurried pace of life, then this is the right place for you. All I can say, it was truly mesmerizing and a spiritually inspiring trip.. a trip close to my heart....... 
There is more come....Adios till then..:)